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Are You Afraid of Heights?

Years ago, my wife and I went on a vacation. While studying my Bible, I sat and looked out of the window on the 11th floor. I would not go close to the window because I was afraid of heights. I questioned myself on how I could, being in a blessed environment, experience fear. 2 Timothy 1:7 states, "For God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind."

Power is the ability to do or act. I had the ability to move to a lower room, and the power to act upon it; but to use the power to go to a lower room would hinder my vision because I would not have the same view. On this level, I could see the Ashley River, a baseball game, and the Citadel. Now, I am faced with a choice: Do I use power to "succumb" or "overcome" the fear of heights? I decided to stay on the eleventh floor.

The problem I faced is that I loved the room and the view, but I didn't like the level. This issue most Christians face today is that we want to go higher - have the power to go higher - but are more comfortable being lower. The lower level gives thieves on the outside easier access to your room and possessions. The higher you are, the harder it is for the enemy to reach you!

We want God to take us higher, but when we begin to experience a feeling of uneasiness, we become afraid. Instead of battling to adjust to the unfamiliar place, we retreat to our comfort zone. A place that is easy for the enemy to attack. If your blessing is always comfortable, it is an indication that you are not going higher.

The enemy has tricked many of us into believing our comfort zone is safe. We must realize the higher we go in God is not always comfortable but it is safer. Finally, after I got comfortable with being on the eleventh floor, my wife revealed to me that there is a concierge level with free food and other amenities. Guess what? It's on an even higher level!

What I am trying to get you to see is if you are to grow in God and enjoy the blessings of God you cannot be afraid of heights!

Pastor Rodney Tate

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