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Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Let's talk about doors. There are four types of doors: Physical, Faith, Code, and Timing.

Physical doors are all around us. We walk through them every day. We recognize them because they are visible to the eye.

Faith doors are those we cannot see, but can only be activated by our faith. Code doors are doors that can only be opened by a code, or the Word of God.

The door I want to focus on is the door of Timing, because it is perhaps that most difficult of all the doors in which to operate. It is difficult because it opens and closes really quickly. If it shuts and you are not where God wants you to be when it opens again, it could be that you miss something important.

Only God can open the door of timing. No tears, money, sweat, or people can open the door once it has been closed by God. What makes this door so important is that we must trust God before we get to it.

Let's focus, not only on the doors God is opening, but the ones He is closing. These are the doors we keep trying to open or shut ourselves, but become frustrated because we are out of God's divine timing. It is important for us to remember when God closes a door, we should not open a "window" for the devil. In other words, do not become so frustrated we missed God's timing that we try to create a door in our own timing, therefore opening a window under in our own strength. Ephesians 4:27 says, "Do not give place to the devil," (paraphrased). We can replace the word place in the Scripture with the word "opportunity."

We cannot afford to give the devil the opportunity to infiltrate our thought patterns. We give give him opportunity, we limit what God can do in our situation. When we allow someone to upset us or make us angry we are giving the devil the opportunity to move us out of God's timing.

When we give the devil opportunity, he not only tried to destroy us, but also the people around us. Anger impacts everyone around us; our children, loved ones, even co-workers. We must work on ourselves before we work on anything else in our lives. If we cannot get ourselves together, if we do not shut the devil our of our lives, how can we ever minister to someone else about their lives?

In the end, the four doors work together. Physical things we can see spark our desires, faith moves us forward to bring the physical to pass, but we must have the code of the Word to activate faith. Finally, we must work in God's time to see the physical come into existence. No matter what you are facing today, remember vision comes from God - worry always comes from you.

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