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Sure Provision

God's provision should be the beginning of our generosity. He has provided us with

everything we need for a harvest, but not for us to hold on to all of it for ourselves. If we plant seeds of faith, He will increase our resources so we can help in growing His Kingdom.

As God multiplies our resources, He will also increase our harvest so that we may be generous to others. We must remember to give from what He has given us so that the blessings in our lives may increase.

As we end our consecration, be encouraged that God will surely keep His promise to you, and at the right time, it will manifest - exceedingly, abundantly above all you can even ask or think.

Prayer: Father God, thank you for Your faithfulness to me. For supplying seed for me to sow and an abundant harvest for me to reap. Help me to be mindful that my increase is not for me alone, but for the upbuilding of Your Kingdom.

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